Songs I Love Sunday…

     We have been a house full of sickness this month! You've just got to love seasons! Every time they change, we get sick. So, while I am busy wiping snotty noses, here are some songs that have been going through my head lately... Enjoy...

Time Marches On… The only thing that stays the same is everything changes… Never been a truer lyric!

Kid friendly Bob Marley, makes my heart sing : )

I’ve been really missing hip hop music that wasn’t auto tuned, repetitive garbage! I used to listen to this album on repeat over and over again, and recently a friend of mine reminded me of it’s greatness, and it’s been on repeat again : )

     Music speaks to my heart and soul. I have always been able to express what I am feeling through a song way better than I ever could through words. I have always wished life came with it’s own soundtrack. Since it doesn’t, I’ve made mine up as I go! I am going to try to add some music to the blog at least once a week. This blog is me on a ccomputer screen, and since I am always singing, now I will let my blog sing to you, too. My blog will be a much better singer than me so you are welcome : )

     What kind of music do you love??? Did you ever make a mix tape…oh geez, I’m old… for someone that said everything you wished you could say??? What song has helped you get through a certain time in your life???

   ***This is your blog too so post a song in the comments and you can sing to me too : )***