From the first second I found out I was pregnant, I have been freaking out about the school district we live in. I grew up in a VERY small town, and while I was there, I hated it, but as soon as I moved away, I very quickly learned to value my small town education. I was so thankful for the school, and the community that helped mold me. 
     Since we never wanted to have kids, we didn't care what the schools were like when we moved to here. I remember the first time we went to a sporting event in this town. Fat Dad's little brother was playing basketball at the time, and we went to his game. It was a Friday or Saturday night game against one of the other schools in town. I remember saying is this it? Where is everybody? Even though Fat Dad went to a big school, they had the support of their community, and the gym was never not packed, and high school sports are the most exciting thing that happens in Lanark so we were both appalled at the turn out. I looked at him and said if we ever have kids, they will not go to school in this city. 
     Well, we did have kids, and like most people, after we had kids, we bought our first house. All of his family is here. They are our rock. We have never had to pay for daycare a day in our parenting life, and most of us live within walking distance of each other. So moving just didn't feel like a good option. 
     Some one told me my kids will get out their education what I put into it, and I liked that view, but we live in the 9th worst city to live in so it was the social aspect of these schools, as well as the education that I was worried about. I didn't want to home school, but I still didn't want him to go to a public school. Most of the private schools here are all affiliated with religion, and we aren't churchgoers so we were pretty much out of luck. 
    Then I found out about the Montessori school. I went for an open house, and from the second I walked through the doors, I knew my babies had to go to school there. Unfortunately, it's technically a public school so they do a lottery to see who gets in. They have a private Montessori here too, but it's all the way on the other side of town, and I haven't heard the best reviews for it. 
     So, I signed us up, and held my breath. I prayed every day. Normally when I pray, I just say thank you for everything I have. I feel like God has given me so much, I never want to ask for more, but this wasn't for me, it was for my babies. I even played lottery tickets, and hoped to lose so all of my good lottery karma would go to the school lottery! 
     Sign up was in January, but you didn't find out until April or May if you got in. Longest months of my life. In the meantime, I wanted a back up plan. For me, it was to go home. Take my babies back to my small town life, and hope that it worked for them. I knew Fat Dad would not follow, but I couldn't let my kids be another number in this system. Luckily for our little family, we got in! I can't wait to watch my kids grow and flourish at this school!