Happy Mother's Day :)

     As I was getting JJ dressed today, I noticed his shorts that were so big last summer were already getting tight and it's only spring so I said to him "We are going to have to get you some new pants". He told me that they fit fine, and I said "I see that, but you keep growing so fast, you'll need a bigger size before the end of the summer". It's Mother's Day so this is where my heart begins to ache a little bit for the baby he used to be. As it's doing again as I relive the moment with you. I hugged him right away so he couldn't see the tears that were already coming, and I said something along the lines of how I never told him he could get this big, and he was supposed to be my baby forever, and he said "but mom I'm not a baby anymore, I'm a grown up child!" 

JJ's always good for some comic relief!

 I pull out of our hug to tell him it's a little to early to add grown up to his title just yet, and to try to breath in every second of this moment. He is the one that gave me this day...

AL added to it,
Her "Cheese" face :)
but he is the one who made me a mother. I went from being a girl that never wanted any kids, to a woman whose kids are her world, and I couldn't be happier. A lot of things change your perspective on life, but nothing has changed the way I see the world more than seeing it through a mom's eyes. The instant bond you have with other mothers is one of the most incredible feelings. I remember shortly after returning from maternity leave with JJ, an older woman came in, and I started talking about my baby. Telling everyone who will listen about my kids is what helps me make it through the day. Anyways, we started talking about how amazing it is to be a mom, and at the same time, both of our eyes filled with tears, and without saying another word, we both knew exactly what the other was feeling!  So to all of my supermama's out there, Happy Mother's Day! Now to celebrate in true mom fashion, I have to go change over the laundry :)

How did you spend your Mother's Day?