AL's Turning Terrible :)

Happy second birthday to my baby girl!

     AL turned 2 at the beginning of the month. We took a family trip to the zoo, but had our celebration with our extended family today. All of our friends have boys so I thought she was going to be greatly out numbered, but a lot of people pooped out at the last minute, and JJ ended up being the only boy. I had one of those weekends where anything that could go wrong did, and the day of the party was no exception. I was so proud of how well I took some of the setbacks. Amongst other loose ends, I had to frost the cupcakes. I was going to make the my usual butter frosting, but I remembered something I had pinned on Pinterest, and after a quick board search, I was off for Walmart trip number 3 for the day to pick up some last minute ingredients.

     The frosting was well worth the trip!!!! 

Frosting with purple food coloring... 

The recipe is so easy, 366 days of Pinterest is where I found this recipe first, but I think it's Not Just Cute's recipe. I put it in the freezer for a little bit before I frosted the cupcakes. 

In the midst of my manic frosting session, sneaky little JJ ran off with one of the food coloring bottles. I was making GREAT time for the day. I was even ahead of schedule for my shower, and the day was off to a great start. Until I noticed my son was purple :)

...Little boys with purple food coloring :)

Nothing like a child throw you off course. I won't lie, I was MAD!!! But, I made a choice right there on how I was going to let mishaps affect me all day. Instead of freaking out, I took pictures for you to see the difference between the food coloring in frosting and on child :) The rest of the day was filled with trials, but I shrugged each one off, and overall, we had a GREAT day. Perfect end of spring day to celebrate my littlest baby's second year in our life surrounded by people we love. So glad I took the time this morning to make that one little decision...