<3 Fat Dad <3

     As you all get to know me and my family a little better, you will see we have a pretty sick sense of humor. We are pretty thick skinned, and we are very comfortable in that skin. The kids I used initials for, but we actually call Rob Fat Dad. I can already hear the comments to come about calling him Fat Dad so I thought I would beat you to the punch and clear the air.
He's number one to us for sure :)
     Obviously Fat Dad is a big guy, and I like that he is a big guy. We have been together for over a third of my life, and all of my adult life. I’m not putting him down, he knows he is fat, and he likes it. He works outside and last summer one of his status updates asked how he was supposed to rock the man boobs if he kept sweating like this? He comes from a family of big guys, his brother is even bigger. They really are big boned : ) I remember his brother telling me once that if I was going to stay in this family, they would have to fatten me up! We always joke that my poor little brother Ced is so small because the other two only let him eat scraps! It is all in good fun, and that is what this page is all about. I like to be the first one to laugh at myself, then everyone else is just laughing with me. You just can’t take yourself to seriously.

I joke about Fat Dad a lot, but to see how we got to where we are now, I’m going to take you back to where it all began…
      Fat Dad and I met 11 years ago, and I guess it was love at first sight. I was 19, and in the middle of some pretty dangerous times in my life. In high school, I was always a pretty good girl. My mom and dad weren’t always as responsible as they should have been so I was. However, after I graduated, and realized we had no money for me to go to college, I went off to be a nanny for about 6 months. Once the job was done I was so ready to come back to my small hometown. I was so happy to see my family and friends again, but very quickly I realized now that I wasn’t in school there wasn’t much left for me to do. I was angry with my parents for not planning my future better so I rebelled… BAD!!!
     In high school, we drank and partied, but my parents never minded that. So, I went looking to find something that they would mind. They always preached to me about how terrible drugs were so of course that was where I went to seek my revenge. Living in a farm town, you’d be surprised how many kinds of drugs I was able to get my hands on. By far, the most scary of them all was crystal meth. My friends knew that this wasn’t me so they did everything in their power to set me back on the right path. Some stopped talking to me, some lectured me, but one of my best friends knew that the only way to steer me away from it was to find something else to fill my time.
She used to hang out at Country Kitchen and drink coffee there all night, not because it was great coffee, but because it was the only place that was open all night long. We were all hanging out at another friends house, and she suggested that tomorrow night, instead of doing the drugs she knew I had planned, I come with her to Country Kitchen because there was a “big sexy black guy” who cooked there on third shift, and she thought I should meet him. Now, my mom always told me that people are people, not colors, but my dad always told me that if I ever brought a black guy home, he would kick me out. I always thought he was joking, but I know now that there was a part of me that knew this would get to them. I had been doing hard core drugs for months, and they hardly seemed to notice. I know that they knew, but they were choosing to ignore it. This was something they couldn’t ignore.
So, the next night, I skipped out on my drug friends, and went with her to Country Kitchen. I will never forget the butterflies I got the first time I saw him! He had big chipmunk cheeks that got even bigger when he smiled, and eyes that looked right into my soul. I came there that night to get revenge on my father, but I knew right away that I had found so much more than that!
 Little did I know the journey we were about to go on together…
    All my plans for revenge melted, and instead I was looking at the man of my dreams. Tall, with a football players physique… I’m talking a defensive football player. The ones who weigh 300 plus pounds, and are still in great shape… and when he spoke, he demanded attention and respect. Still, to this day, I’ve never felt safer with a person in my life, and at this point he was a complete stranger.
I remember I had three days off of work in a row, and that never happened to my schedule. I won’t lie, I had planned on spending those three days tweaked out of my mind, but instead, I spent them falling in love. A couple of weeks into our relationship, I took him home to meet my daddy, and we were promptly asked to leave, and I was told not to come back until I was not dating him. Little did they know that while they were hating him, he was saving my life!
      While I thought I was being good at keeping my drug use low key, I was getting quite the reputation, and a couple of weeks later the guys that were making the meth I was using got busted. If it weren’t for Fat Dad, there is a very good chance I could have been with them, but even still, my parents hated him just because of his color. I know this was the revenge I had originally longed for, but I had no idea how badly it would hurt me.
     I thought for sure the rest of my family would respond the same so I didn’t want to tell them. I could tell my mom didn’t agree with what my dad was saying, but she was stuck in the middle. When I finally talked to my grandma, she yelled at me, but not for who I was dating, but for thinking that she would judge me for it! I have always been a grandma’s girl, and having her on my side meant the world to me. She even joked and said she’d always known I’d be the one to bring home a black guy because all of my celebrity crushes were on black guys. She sent me down memory lane for this one, but when I came back from the trip she was so right! She reminded me of how I always made her listen to Boyz II Men, and we had to watch the bulls so I could watch B.J. Armstrong : ) Good to know a Grandma’s intuition is even stronger than a mother’s!

A girl and her daddy... Priceless :)
We have not always been the perfect couple. He’s a Scorpio, and I’m a Capricorn so the epic battles we’ve had along the way were in the stars! It didn’t help that we were both babies when we got together, and over the past 11 years we have done some stupid, hurtful stuff to each other, but through it all, we made it out alive, together, and stronger because of it! 
Who has come into your life when you didn't know you needed them? Any other love at first sight stories? How did you meet the man of your dreams?