Twenty four years ago today, I became a big sister, and not a day goes by when I am not reminded of this. Mainly because now I have my own kids, and watching them play, and fight, and love is a constant flashback to our younger years. Especially when I hear my mother’s words come out of mouth about how your little sister loves you and just wants to do what you are doing : ) The very first time I said that, I called my mom, and cried… not really cried, just complained, that I was turning into her!!!
     Our family has never been what you would call conventional. I was an only child for the first 6 years of my life, and when my mom got pregnant I had no idea that it was with another man’s baby. So, I went through a divorce, and a new baby all at the same time. To make things even more exciting, the baby she was having was actually twins! Luckily, I loved my step dad, and I guess I have always been a pretty adaptable person. I must have realized at a young age, there were just some things in this life that I could not control. 

    Along with a new dad and a new little brother and sister, I also gained an older brother and sister. They HATED me, and would always talk about putting me in a potato sack and throwing it in the river! It’s become a family joke, and most days they tell me they are happy they never got away with it! Whether we liked our new arrangement or not, it was happening.
     I went from an only child to the middle child in the blink of an eye, but since my step brother and sister didn’t live with us, I was the oldest child most of the time… And people wonder why I’m not quite right : ) I won’t lie, there were times I hated our new little bundles of joy! To me, I didn’t really see the joy. They cried, and they were stinky, and more than anything, I felt like they were taking my mom away from me, but no matter how I felt, they weren’t going anywhere.67564_1684968606671_240334_n
     After a while of adjusting, we all grew up and they grew into little people, and not crying, pooping bundles of unjoy…if that’s a word. I wish I could say that we all lived happily ever after, but anyone who has ever had a sibling would know that was a lie. We fought like cats and dogs, but let anyone else mess with one of us, and you’ve never seen a closer family. My step brother took the longest to come around, but when I started high school, and he was a senior, I couldn’t have asked for a more protective big brother : ) He also realized that we could get more out of our father if we worked together!
Almost all of the grand kids :)
     Now we are all grown up and have babies of our own, and I must say, it has brought us closer together. Even though they were twins, my brother and I always ganged up on our sister. My brother and I are our mother, and she is my father so naturally we were closer, but my sister and I got pregnant at the same time, and that brought us so much closer together. I am so thankful for that time to finally have something in common with her. Even after our nine months were up, the closeness remained. Now, I love to watch all of our kids running around being bad together, and giving their grandma even more gray hairs : )
     So today I wish my baby brother and sister a very happy birthday, and my wish for them is to keep growing with me, and hopefully someday, we can tell our grandkids stories about all the trouble their moms and dad’s got into together while they give us gray hairs <3

     How has being a someone’s sibling changed your life? Did you have a love hate relationship with them or was it all love… or all hate?