No More Allergies...

     Ever since I was a kid, I have had the worst allergies. Not food allergies... thank God, just weather/air allergies. I am allergic to the dust, but I'm allergic to the mold in the air when it rains. The first of many times in my life where I was damned if I do and damned if I don't. I remember times in highschool... long before my pothead days actually began... people would ask me/accuse me of being stoned. Thanks to my allergies, my eyes have always had that special shade of stoner red... which was surprisingly beneficial during my stoner days : )

     Even though my pothead days are long gone, my allergies, and my bloodshot eyes, stayed : ( I have tried a million different allergy medications, and the one I found that I actually liked, they discontinued because it had ephedrine. All the other medications out there make me feel like my head and my body are no longer connected! I would really rather just sneeze and look stoned all day. 

     Then my Shaklee Gold member kit came in the mail. I had signed up to sell Shaklee because of it's amazing eco and wallet friendly cleaners, but my kit came with a couple different vitamins and a box of Cinch weight loss shake mixes. At first I was going to use the vitamins to sell or sample to other people, but I knew if I was going to sell these products, I needed to try these products first. 

     Even though I love all that Shaklee stands for, and they have done countless hours of their own reseach, I am not one to put anything in my body without researching it first. After reading some of the testimonials for the Nutriferon, I knew I had to try it. At first, I couldn't really tell a difference, but since it's to boost your immune system, I kept taking it. Then one week, I stopped, and immediately started getting sinus headaches, and all of my allergy symptoms back. Needless to say, I haven't stopped taking them since! Now I can't wait until my kids are old enough to take them too : )

     I was telling a friend of mine at work about them who's problems with her allergies make mine look minuscule, and she was skeptical. I finally talked her into trying it, but still couldn't get her to order. I knew they would help her so I just ordered some for her. She had helped me get to and from work for a couple of weeks after I had my car accident, so when she told me she didn't have any money I told her not to worry, they were a thank you present for being my personal chauffeur. 

     After a couple of weeks I asked her if she had seen a difference. At first she said no. Then she said "but, I haven't had any sinus pressure, and I haven't been sneezing as much, and my eyes still itch, but not nearly as bad." I laughed and said "so they're working, huh???" She just looked at me and giggled, and said "yeah, I guess so" : )

     I have changed my schedule around drastically at work so I don't get to see her anymore : ( She works all nights and now I am working all days : ( When my phone rang today, and it was her, I thought maybe she needed me to work for her. I answered and after crying that she missed me and begging me to come back to working nights with her, the real reason for her call came out. She was out of her Nutriferon, and after trying her allergy medicine and 3 others, she was miserable! She asked me when the soonest possible date I could get her more would be! 

     I love that I am selling products that sell themselves! I am even more happy that after three months of talking non stop about Shaklee, when I needed to sell them the most, people are ordering them from me! God works in mysterious ways! I have been so nervous to cut back my hours at work, and have been sick to my stomach about how we were going to make ends meet, but I knew my family needed me to be here more than I was, and if I just did it, everything would work out. We will still be struggling for a while, and I will still be spending many nights on my fellow mommy bloggers pages to learn their tips and tricks on how to save money and live on a budget, but today was my sign that everything will be alright... 

     Allergy season is coming right around the corner so if you or anyone you know if looking for an all natural way to eliminate you allergy symptoms, and help you make it through cold and flu season without a sick day, get yours here today!



  1. Hey lady!! I just found your cute blog via the hop, and I'm your newest follower! I'd also love to invite you to check out a fabulous Triple Giveaway I'm having right now!!

    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!

    1. Aw, thanks Emily! I'm headed your way right now :)

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    1. Thanks Larry : ) I'm not an expert by any means, I just write about what I know works for me.