Bieber fever...

     Lately, I've been feeling like I failed as a mother. Since both of my babies were still in the womb, I have tried to expose them to good music, and regardless of how hard I tried, it happened... my son caught Bieber Fever!!!

     There we were driving to Thanksgiving dinner, when the song "Beauty and the Beat" came on. As if it wasn't bad enough that this is a Justin Bieber song, it's featured musical guest is Nicki Minaj, the fakest barbie in the dream house. My kids love to dance so I told myself that was the reason for the attraction, and that they would forget about it as soon as the song was over. 

     Like the musical Gods in the sky could sense my stomach turning, and the fact that my aunt lives in the middle of nowhere, the station went out, and we went back to having a Bieber free holiday. One of the many things I was thankful for this Thanksgiving : )

     Fast forward a couple of days, and we are riding in the car, and out of the back seat, I hear JJ say "Mom, can we listen to that 'Beauty and the Beat' song again?"

     NOOOOOO..... my insides screamed in fear. He's not even 5 years old. Shouldn't there be an age limit to when you can contract Bieber fever??? How could I have let this happen??? Where did I go wrong???

    "Well, baby, this is the radio so we can't pick the song we want to listen to" was my best supporting mother response. 

     This morning on the way to school, I was flipping through the stations. I was still half asleep so I'm not sure what I was hoping to find, but still I was cycling through my presets half listening to what was playing. I was brought back to reality to JJ saying go back mom. I went back, and he excitedly said, "Yeah, Mom, this is Rock and Roll!" 

     As my ears caught up to the Led Zeppelin that was playing, my eyes swelled with tears...ok, not really, but for dramatic effect : ) "Yes, baby. This is Rock and Roll." Classic Rock and Roll. Suddenly, I was feeling much less like a failure!
     I realized that while I may not be able to protect him from Bieber fever, I have given him a massive supply of antibodies to help fight it off as fast as possible : ) 

     I also realized that whether it's Bieber fever or whatever the next new craze is, I will support his love for it. My parents had to go through my grunge phase, so I'm sure my mother's curse of ten times worse will apply to this as well!