Menu Planning…

As I try to organize our lives this year, I turn to all of my mom bloggers out there for their tips and tricks. I see that most of them use some sort of menu plan. Whether it’s a freezer meal plan like Ring Round the Rosies or monthly meal plan like A New Normal some kind of plan is a must. I started dreaming about how great it would be to not get off of work every night, call Fat Dad, say “What do you want for dinner?” Only for him to respond with “food” at least 99% of the time. He’s not always super helpful with the little details, but I couldn’t imagine having anyone else by my side for the big ones!!!
     I started spending  a lot of quality time at an Organized Home, and I printed out a family planner to get started regaining control of my life.
      While it was easy for me to fill in the daily to do pages, I noticed more often than not, the menu planner was still empty. I finally realized I was over thinking it. I was trying to fill everyday with a new recipe. Instead of using it to make my life easier, it was turning into the opposite. It took me until I stumbled upon a blog one day, and saw her planner full of tacos and spaghetti sometimes not even a week a part. FINALLY, a planner I could really relate to. Maybe others have had some like this, but hers was the one to open my eyes, and I didn’t follow her, and I don’t have the slightest clue who it was : (
So I started playing around with to make a planner of my own, and I made one I like. I started from a template, I know it’s only Wednesday, but here is my menu for the month of June. I like this design, and will use the lines on the bottom for a grocery list

I’m still playing around with the design, and once I get it perfected, I will put it on here for all of you to enjoy too : ) Follow me on Facebook so you don’t miss them!!!
So what are you all eating this month??? Who else is stuck in a fast food rut??? Do you have any menu planning tips or tricks you’d like to share???