School Daze…

     I started this post last week, but things have been a little crazy around here lately! My oldest started preschool this week, and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions! How can my baby be this big already???
     I have been preparing myself since registration so I didn’t shed too many tears. I actually cried the night before because it was the last time I would ever kiss my baby while he wasn’t in school! I know, there’s summer vacation, but that was the last night of him being all mine. Before I had to start sharing him with a whole new world.

     Now he will start making his own friends, and girlfriends, and enemies, and I don’t get a front row seat to the action. Instead, I’m at a different movie, and he just gets to tell me about the highlights on the drive home.

     Luckily, JJ is full of comic relief! He has been cracking me up all week. Where the kid gets some of this stuff, I have no idea. So I am going to leave you this week with some of the best to and from school conversations with my not so little anymore man…

     One our way to the first full day…

JJ… Mom, I think I’m having a heart attack
Me… (in a slightly worried tone) Why do you think you’re having a heart attack baby???
JJ… Well mom, it hurts when I breath in and out.
Me… Is it happening now???
JJ… No, now my ear hurts.
Me… (In a much less worried tone) Your ear hurts???
JJ… Yeah, mom. It sucks getting old
Me… Hysterical laughter… It sure does dude : )
He thinks he is a model so he is always trying to pose : )  
   Picking JJ up from his first full day of school…

Me… How did your day go??? Did you make any friends???
JJ… Lots of them mom.
Me… What are there names???
JJ… I don’t know, just everybody.
JJ… I know what I’m going to do this year…
Me… Oh yeah? What is that???
JJ… I’m going to get a girlfriend!
Me… (chuckling a little) I thought you were going to school to get an education
JJ… No, mom. I’m just going to get a girlfriend.
Me… Ok, well, do you have any girls in mind
JJ… No, I like them, all… There’s Emily, and Mia…
Me… Well, what are you going to do to get them to be your girlfriend???
JJ… I don’t know mom, they all just like me.
Me… Oh, what are you going to do with your girlfriend?
JJ… I might have her over to our house for dinner.

     I’m sooo glad those are his only plans for a girlfriend. I can handle dinner! That night we had the talk about how I’m his mom, and no matter how many girlfriends he decides to get, I better always be his favorite girl in the whole wide world… at least for now : ) I will move over only for his future wife, and daughter(s). I’m sure Emily and Mia aren’t going to make it that long so for now, I will stand my ground!
We started a first day of school tradition...
Sprinkle pancakes with whip cream... yum : )
      Picking him up from his second day, JJ gets in the car so excited, he’s blabbering to me before he can even get buckled.

JJ… Mom, I did it!!!
Me… Get buckled please, we’re holding up the line. Then we can talk.
JJ… But mom, I did it!!! Remember what we talked about yesterday??? I did it!!!
Me… (clearly remembering our conversation, but playing dumb) You did what?
JJ… You don’t remember???
Me… I remember baby : ) So who is it Emily or Mia?
JJ… No mom, it’s Kiley : )
Me… Kiley huh? What happened to Emily and Mia???
JJ… No, just Kiley.
Me… What does Kiley look like???
JJ… Oh mom, she just looks nice. Nice shirt, nice backpack, just nice.
Me… Well what color hair does she have?
JJ… It’s like mine…no wait, it’s golden…

     All of this was in his most smitten voice. Next day, I dropped him off and I asked if he was going to sit by his girlfriend at lunch, and he said mom, we are just friends : )

     So I apologize to anyone who’s daughter is going to preschool with my son. I didn’t realize I would have the boy who tried to pimp out the pre K! As much as I loved having him all to myself, I love watching him become his own little man, and seeing how he interacts with his new world. He loves school, and hasn’t shed one tear. 

I said put your arm around your sister...
 Not quite what I meant : )
     AL on the other hand is having a hard time with her big brother going to school. She has spent most of the week in tears. She even cried when Fat Dad went to work, and she has never once cried cause he was leaving. She has been repeating “JJ gone, JJ gone” all week. It’s the cutest most pitiful thing I’ve ever seen! I took her into his classroom on Thursday when we were picking him up so she could see where he goes all day, and Friday was much smoother. I don’t think she cried at all : )

    We are all adjusting to this whole school thing, but I think we are ready for this new chapter in our lives. After all, we are Figuring it Out as we Grow : ) By Friday, JJ was in bed asleep for the night before he ate dinner... Maybe school does have some perks : )

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